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Your Czech mountain tailor


    • We are the first in the world to sew "outdoor" from nanomembrane fabrics



    • Honest and accurate handwork from Luhačovice
    • We are your mountaineers, often craftsmen, sometimes artists

  • Nanotechnology of the 21st century

    Nanotechnology of the 21st century

    • We work with nanotechnology. We can do it
    • The nanomembrane fiber is not a revolution, it is a logical evolution

  • Proven in Antarctica

    Proven in Antarctica

    • Faramugo clothing and the Czech polar station
    • Succeeded in Antarctica. As in the Alps ...


Made in the Czech Republic

Made in the Czech Republic

Lifetime service

Lifetime service



We are a Czech maker of clothing for the mountains and nature. We sew outdoor clothing from Nanomembrane® fabrics. We dress tourists, climbers, skiers... Our fabrics have above-average vapor permeability, solid water resistance, are windproof, light and flexible. The production process is ecological without PFC. We offer an excellent alternative to Gore-tex in terms of price and quality. Just click and find out more!


We sew cotton clothes. Natural bushcraft style with Nanomembrane®. We are looking for inspiration in the north of cold Norway. Suitable for wandering through the woods, designed for hunters, photographers, hikers… For those who don't want to be conspicuous. Cotton has a water-repellent finish without harmful PFC and is strong, resistant to abrasion and fire. And flexible, it doesn't blow, it doesn't get wet. Just click and find out more!


We sew outdoor work clothes from Nanomembrane® fabrics. We combine our models and your wishes into a functional unit. We dress ski resort workers, polar explorers in Antarctica, mountain service units, surveyors, police officers and organizers of outdoor events. We will equip mountain guides. We adjust the size, add pockets, reflective elements or name tags. And lots more.


In addition to clothing, we also produce outdoor equipment. Feather sleeping bags and membrane bivouac bags. Or gloves and sleeves. Trekking merino socks and scarves. We sew bags for manufacturers of scooters and electric scooters. Our seats and headrests are fitted to recumbent bicycles. We also have shipping bags for the plane. Just click and find out more!

What do we like to do? Sew outdoor clothing and equipment. And we live at home in the Czech Republic, in Europe. We dress climbers, hikers, boaters. People who walk into the forest and into nature. Ski resort staff. Everything with the motto FARAMUGO, YOUR CZECH MOUNTAIN TAILOR. We are sewing for man, others are sewing to people.

We will dress up if you want to ride to the highest hills on a demanding expedition, on a trek with a travel agency. Or you just want to run the mountain lake. We make clothes for you from Czech nanomembrane.

Why do I think we understand what we do? We have been slaughtered since 1990, like DAB. Feather clothing and sleeping bags, jackets, paragliding seats. We have restored production since 2014, already under the brand FARAMUGO. In the meantime, we did athletics (we have a collection of medals from the Republic Championship, including participation in the World Athletics Cup), mountain biking, and scooters in recent years. We climb on the rocks, travel and fly on a parachute and ride the rivers of Europe and Asia. On our account we have about 120 peaks of the Alps and other mountains over 4,000 m, the north wall of the Grandes Jorasses, 12 expeditions to the Asian mountains and the first accesses to the hills of Pamir or Altai. 

Why do we think we have something to offer?

  • i use the outdoor equipment daily
  • we have tested in the past for a number of manufacturers
  • we have the appropriate education in the field
  • every product goes through our hands
  • we are producing in Moravia, in the east of the Czech Republic
  • we adapt to your requirements - size, color combinations. What's going on, we'll do it.
  • before we put the product on the market, we put on ourselves, we destroy it ....
  • nanomembrane has a future. We are 1. who is sewing on her. It is excellent especially in vapor permeability
  • we try to behave towards the planet Earth. What is still going to be used, we will fix it. It is not always necessary to buy new and new things ... ..
  • we sew for the MAN, piece, for each of us, not a big series
Our products are not perfect, we do not even want them to be. If something is perfect, it means the end of development, an obstacle in the way of further creativity. The company with a future is supposed to work with a constant change, responding to changing circumstances. That makes us more enjoyable.

We like to cooperate with Czech companies (and often our friends). We work with Nanomembrane fabrics, we also offer Mevu (cooking needs), Bufo (climbing shoes and sandals), Prabos (mountain shoes), Scilif (active lighting).

We prefer an honest approach to work and life. We offer quality products with available service. On the Czech jacket, we can not earn as much as the cheap labor, but on the other hand we do not have overfund stock from crowded shipping containers. Sure, quality is not cheap, we are pricey over Asian production. We thank everybody interested in our products.       

For corporate clients B2B, B2G

  • we like to produce and deliver our outdoor clothing and equipment to Faramugo customers from retail outlets and eshops
  • we offer production for corporate customers from ski resorts, sections, units, polar stations, mountain services, private and state-owned companies
  • The minimum subscription is 10 pieces, in the sum of colors and sizes. We can add up to 2 pieces
  • We have an offer of colors in an extensive color card. You can choose any custom color shade. Here is a minimum of 100 pieces of jacket or 130 pieces of pants. And we require a 50% advance deposit from the final cost of clothing in advance
  • below the text you will find a download table. There are commonly required variants and changes for jackets and pants. In the word you will fill it with your requirements and send it back to us by e-mail and commentary
  • transport abroad by PPL / DHL is subject to agreement in € excluding VAT. Please enter payments as SEPA
  • the complete price list in € will be sent on request by mail. Other conditions of cooperation, not mentioned here, are a matter of individual agreement
  • we can embroider or print your logo. Please submit the materials in the form of graphical vectors. We can fine tune the logo and convert it to a graphical format. We will find the price of the individual embroidery or print according to the order and we will inform you in turn


Custom sewing

We tailor tailored clothing for ski resorts, companies, teams, travelers - and individuals. Within our focus on climbing and outdoor sports. Do you have an interesting solution to make life easier? Do not hesitate to come by us, if it is ours, we will try to fulfill your wish. We are a European firm, we do not work for others. We will be featured on the product as manufacturers, though only "decent" with the text that we like to make for YOU.

If we have to sew what is not in our regular assortment, we require a 50% deposit from the estimated price. And we will take into account the creation of editing and individual differences.

Ensure the embroidery or printing of your logo. Please send me the documents in a form processed by a graphic program. We will fine-tune and convert to "curves". We charge 15, - € / 1h. work.

We will be happy to tell you the individual embroidery or print award.