Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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For corporate clients B2B, B2G

  • we have nanofibres in the textile web. They are referred to as the fabrics of the 3rd millennium and are set to revolutionise dressing. Nanofibers are loosely stacked in textiles. They allow air to pass through, but water does not flow. Nanofibers can replace other, older, membranes. In particular, they outperform them in vapour permeability, which is key to wearing comfort. Nanofibre membranes are softer and lighter
  • we offer production for corporate customers from ski resorts, sections, units, polar stations, mountain services, private and state-owned companies
  • we like to produce and deliver our outdoor clothing and equipment to Faramugo customers from retail outlets and e-shops
  • The minimum subscription is 10 pieces, in the sum of colors and sizes. We can add up to 2 pieces
  • we have an offer of colors in an extensive color card. You can choose any custom color shade. Here is a minimum of 100 pieces of jacket or 130 pieces of pants. And we require a 50% advance deposit from the final cost of clothing in advance
  • below the text, you will find a download table. There are commonly required variants and changes for jackets and pants. In the word, you will fill it with your requirements and send it back to us by e-mail and commentary
  • transport abroad by PPL / DHL is subject to agreement in € excluding VAT. Please enter payments as SEPA
  • the complete price list in € will be sent on request by mail. Other conditions of cooperation, not mentioned here, are a matter of individual agreement
  • we can embroider or print your logo. Please submit the materials in the form of graphical vectors. We will find the price of the individual embroidery or print according to the order and we will inform you in turn

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