Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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For corporate clients B2B, B2G

  • nanofibers are contained in the textile web. They are referred to as the fabrics of the 3rd millennium. Nanofibers are loosely stacked in textiles. They allow air to pass through, but water does not pass through. Nanofibres can advantageously replace older membranes. In particular, they outperform them in vapour permeability, which is key to the comfort of the garment. Nanofibre membranes are softer and lighter
  • we are happy to manufacture and deliver our Faramugo outdoor clothing and equipment to retail and eshop customers
  • we offer tailor-made production for corporate customers - ski resorts, sports clubs, polar stations, mountain services, travel agencies, surveyors, etc.
  • minimum purchase is according to agreement
  • the range of colours is quite wide. You can also choose your own colour shade. The minimum number of jackets or trousers ranges from hundreds of pieces. We require payment of 50% of the final price of the garment in advance
  • if it is not a purchase of items from the regular assortment, we require a deposit of 50% of the estimated price
  • we transport goods abroad with PPL, DHL and DPD, the transport fee is 9,- € for light parcels, 15,- € over 10 kg and 20,- € from 20 to 30 kg. If there is an error on our side, anything is not available for delivery, we do not charge for subsequent shipping
  • transport abroad is by PPL and DPD, or DHL and Euroexpress according to agreement (SEPA payments)
  • complete VO and MO price lists in € will be sent on request by e-mail. Other terms of cooperation, not listed here, are usually a matter of individual negotiation
  • we can embroider or print your logo on the products. Please send us your documents in the form of pdf, ai, cdr. We can possibly fine-tune the logo and convert it into "curves". Price 17,- € without VAT/1h of work. We will find out the price of individual embroidery or printing according to the order and will inform you immediately.