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ABOUT US or we all have a story

What do we like to do? We sew clothes and equipment for nature lovers. Here at our home in Luhačovice, in the Czech Republic. We equip (not only) climbers, tourists, skiers. Our products are also appreciated by scooter riders, cyclists, photographers... Just those who move outside. FARAMUGO: YOUR CZECH MOUNTAIN TAILOR.

We want you to perceive our work as perfect. But not so our products. If something is perfect, it means the impossibility of further development, an obstacle in the way of further creativity. Everything is evolving, the universe, humanity, and FARAMUGO as well. This motivates us to work with constant change and to respond to rapid developments around us. And we also enjoy it (although, of course, it's sometimes difficult).

At Faramugo we are not a fan of seasonal collections. Every season a new model of jacket, bike or skis. That's nonsense. Last year's jacket works just as well as this year's. Sure, progress and innovation... But they don't move at such a fast pace. It's just that nature, the manufacturers (the real ones, not the repackaged "brands") and the store staff are all churning out new collections. We're not playing at it, it's unsustainable in the long run. We prefer functionality in our products, so we want to offer a permanent collection, albeit an updated one.

Víte, co je to Faramugo?

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