Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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We repair other brands of clothing

short zipper replacement, spiral or waterproof *1)see below15,- €
replacement of long WR (waterproof) zipper 30 - 80 cm (colour black. Possibly other only agreement according to current stock) *1)see below23,30,- €
repair of 1 piece of detached functional WR (waterproof) zipper of jackets and trousers (pockets and vents)12,50,- €
repair of the torn area and patch, sewing including taping17,- €
repair or replacement of 1 sleeve end drawstring with toggle or velcro10,- €
repair of loose round elastic at the bottom hem of the jacket19,- €
seam bonding of membrane materials - partial bonding and minor repairs *2)see below19,- €
the repair deadline is approximately 40 days from the day we receive the piecesee price list
surcharge to the repair price within 10 days+25%
after-sales service for Faramugo products is within 10 working daysdiscount 20%
We only offer the repairs listed. We are a manufacturer of our own outdoor clothing, not a repair shop. Nevertheless, we will be happy to accommodate you as far as possible. We can't have all fabrics and shades of colors, nor can we have zippers. It is a compromise by agreement. As we do not manufacture backpacks, tents, overalls or boots, we will not repair them. We can't make everything... If you contact us by email or via the contact form, we will discuss what, when and how. To assess the repair, please provide a photo of the incriminated area. Have you decided to send us your clothes for repair? Thank you for your trust. We just strongly request - clean, laundered. And with complete details (name, address, phone number, email). We will send you an e-mail with a receipt for payment by bank transfer. Delivery time is min. 1 month, otherwise by agreement. We will send it back by DPD, PPL or parcel post for 10,- € incl. VAT. 

We apologize, but please do not ask us to send the fabric, zipper or haberdashery itself for self-repair. And we will strongly refuse requests to redo a competing product in terms of resizing or overall purpose. Including the addition of ventilation holes. We find that very disrespectful to the competition. The world's biggest brands of clothing, manufactured in Asia, are sometimes made in a way that makes reasonable repair impossible.

*1) What about zippers? Read more on the blog. And please note - zippers cannot be repaired, only replaced with new ones! We have some colors, but the full range only comes in black. Classic WR and waterproof bone, including 2 way.
*2) We also reseam membrane clothing. Read more in the article. But we will only accept a local repair, about 40 cm. Not the whole jacket.

How do we need to proceed to accept the correction? Please be understanding if we have to accept your clothes, save our time and summarize everything needed at once. We will then be able to make the repairs.
1) We offer 2 options to let us know you are interested in our service - email or the contact form on the website.
2) In the email, form or on a piece of paper attached to the garment, describe the fault, state the age of the garment, what manufacturer it is from, or send a photo of the area.
3) Mark the place of repair on the garment (chalk, sticky paper, piece of tape, office staple, etc.). No need for e.g. main zipper replacement.
4) Wrap the washed garment and send it to the address of the establishment, see CONTACTS. Not in a soft, withdrawn package, in a box. It is a real hell to unpack a garment and not cut...
5) Include complete information in the email or on the paper in the package - full name, return address (street, city, zip code or shipping outlet), phone and email. We will not accept a correction without this. And, if applicable, please request a shortened repair time, otherwise we will assume 2 months.
6) We will contact you when the garment arrives. We will confirm the delivery date and price and fine-tune any details.
7) During the repair period we will email you a proof of payment by bank transfer, thank you for your payment.
8) We will send the repaired garment back to you at the address provided.

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