Your Czech mountain tailor
Česky   polski

We tailor and make selected individual adjustments

We tailor tailored clothing for ski resorts, companies, teams, travelers - and individuals. Within our focus on climbing and outdoor sports. Do you have an interesting solution to make life easier? Do not hesitate to come by us and we will try to fulfill your wish. We are a European company, do not work for others. We will be branded as manufacturers, though only "subtly" with the text that we like to make for YOU.

If we have to sew what is not in our regular assortment, we require a 50% deposit from the estimated price. And we will take into account the creation of editing and individual differences.

Ensure the embroidery or printing of your logo. Please send us the documents in a form processed by a graphic program. We will fine-tune and convert to "curves". We charge 15, - € / 1h. work.

We will be happy to tell you the individual embroidery or print award.