Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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A summary of the articles you can read on our Faramugo blog.

Do you know what is FARAMUGO?

Something about us or what is Faramugo?

Facts about membrane clothing

Facts and myths. All about membranes in the outdoors

Jacket configurator or enter your colours

Build your own Nanomembrane® jacket with a unique design.

Outdoor clothing repairs

We're making repairs in Faramugo. We change zippers, tape up seams that have come unglued, etc.

How to seal seams in membrane clothing

Repairing glued seams involves a bit of alchemy...

Outdoor production in the Czechia (advice, opinions, controversies)

Sometimes it's like a dog eating its own tail.

Naši ambasadoři - Jirka Beran

Lehocyklista Jirka Beran na cestě kolem světa

Our ambassadors - Míša Sirovátková and Radek Ernest

Travellers Míša Sirovátková and Radek Ernest

Naši ambasadoři - paraglidista Radek Klepal

Radek létá v oblečení Faramugo

Naši ambasadoři - Mundos

Monika a Javier, to je exotická Kolumbie a Ekvádor.

AAWESOME, Maja and Alca. And Faramugo jackets

About travelling around the world and around the world