Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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We sew outdoor corporate clothing from nanomembrane fabrics . We combine our models with your wishes. Who do we sew for?
  • ski resorts - ski instructors, snowboarders, lift staff
  • mountain service units - for all-weather intervention
  • surveyors - rain, snow, sleet..... And you don't want snow or dew in your boots
  • city police officers - you're out in all weathers. We have winter insulated 3L jackets
  • mountain guides
  • fishermen - find more on our blog

How can I start a custom collaboration? We will solve the complete assignment, the solution process and the final result. And we will ask you for a client review.

  • we will select a product according to our offer or you can provide us with a customized product specification
  • we will specify the colour, for example according to the configurator
  • choose the right material and order it
  • specify the number of men's or women's pieces and sizes. Alternatively, we will send you test garments to choose sizes (and ask for an early return). Or watch the video on how and where to measure
  • we will tell you other requirements and differences
  • we will choose the place for the logos, their number, colour and size (please send your logo in the appropriate form)
  • after agreeing on the details, we will send you a graphic visualisation to check
  • we will create the patterns for the products 1*)
  • we will choose the payment terms and delivery date
  • we can sew the 1st piece for your idea if everything fits

1*) For technical products, the pattern is drawn and cut out of plastic film. By trial and error, we sew one piece of the product to fit the proportions. We will probably mess up and fine-tune the cut immediately. Sometimes the first time, sometimes the third time. Then we cut the pieces according to the pattern and sew them together. This also applies to clothes, but the cut is different for each size of jacket or trousers. Hours of work and your own know-how, not everybody can do these cuts. (1st piece = 3 pieces due to spoiled material and time spent on a new item).

We will calculate the price and offer you 3 possible scenarios:

  1. One piece? Price of initial work + price per piece of product + availability of material + delivery date.     It won't be little, but the quality and solitaire that others don't have and you can't buy anywhere is worth it
  2. Multiple pieces down to the low teens? Lower cost of initial work + price per piece of product + material availability + delivery date.     Optimal condition for both parties
  3. Significant number of pieces? Low to zero cost of initial work + price per piece of product + material availability + delivery date.     You'll push us down on price, but we won't give in, we have our pride

You can also come and we'll measure you. Or you can measure yourself for a jacket or trousers that fit you exactly and send us the measurements. And alternatively, send the intended matching fitting garment to us, we will return it with the sewn garment.

What can we do for you?

  • configure the colours according to your requirements
  • we will adjust the sizes
  • adjust the length, width and sleeves to your measurements
  • we can print or embroider your logo in the right places
  • place name tags or other identification markings
  • add an insulating layer of insulation fleece
  • sew critical areas with strong fabric or Kevlar
  • integrate active lighting with LED paspullas
  • fine-tune the number and fastening of pockets
  • we provide permanent warranty and post-warranty service

Our work has two phases. One is routine and artisanal and the other is artistic.

References or who did we work for? And what you won't find on the e-shop.

    Jackets for many Beskydy, Krkonoše and Jeseníky ski resorts. Jackets and trousers for fishermen. Clothes for Atlantic crossing. Special trousers as part of rehabilitation machines. Jackets for a large North Bohemian construction company. Jackets for power engineers from CEPS. Jackets for the municipal police from Mariánské Lázně. Clothes for polar explorers in Antarctica. We also made a cleverly devised outdoor coat for the filmmakers, standing outside on set in the cold, rain, snow and wind, insulated with faux fleece and with a down removable liner.

    Our insulated membrane coats are worn by Polaris CZ people.

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