Your Czech mountain tailor
Your Czech mountain tailor
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Do you want the original?

Choose your favourite colour combination on the configurator.
Play around with the jacket and choose a solitaire that makes you feel great.

You don't like casual clothes?

It's not your fault. The character is perfect, they just didn't get it in China.
Follow Faramugo's video instructions to get the measurements you need.
Just send them to us and we'll adjust the jacket to your specifications.
The garment goes from our workshop directly to your home. This is a contribution to ecology and a higher added value product.
We will fine-tune the details according to your wishes.
Direct contact between the manufacturer and the customer ensures easier service.

Fold the original Nanomembrane® jacket  .Not every manufacturer has a configurator. With us you can assemble the colours of the jacket yourself. You won't be walking around in what everyone else is wearing.

    How to measure up? Follow the video instructions and send us the measured measurements.

    Přehrání tohoto videa vyžaduje sdílení informací s YouTube.
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    By cutting out the middleman, you get a better product at a better price. Invest in style, invest in quality and invest in yourself. And we'll ask you for a review, some words and photos.